Philosophy of the Graffiti Buster Program:

The Problem of Graffiti on Private/Public Infrastructure:

  • It is intimidating,
  • It decreases the value of surrounding property,
  • It can be the beginning of the development of criminal behavior and tendencies in young people,
  • Many believe that graffiti is not art - it is considered by most as an eyesore,
  • Your community does not have to put up with it, and
  • Graffiti Removal is not the only answer - Awareness Programs & Community Involvement is the key to graffiti prevention
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Graffiti Buster works by:

  • Listening to the young people and encouraging positive ideas
  • Educating school students to care for their communities
  • Training others in Graffiti Buster response and removal
  • Promoting kids to "take pride" in their areas and pursuits
  • Proactively working with our Police and Justice systems to dissuade negative vandalism

Graffiti Statistics

Statistics show that graffiti has a significant impact in nation-wide crime rates.

In order to appreciate the value of the Graffiti Buster program, you must first look at the impact caused by graffiti in today's society.

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Co-operation & The Community

When implemented correctly, in conjunction with great awareness and education programs, savings in relation to graffiti removal is enormous, when compared to other towns.
Speaking to students at school assemblies and to residents of the community at meetings gets the word out to the people, together with leaflets and magnets encourages co-operation together with education of the students and public alike.
Public awareness of the Graffiti Buster service is imperative for the program to be successful. This is done through education and awareness initiatives throughout all aspects of the community: residential, commercial, tourism and government

Great Lakes Council

I am fortunate that the Great Lakes Council staff, Mayor and General Manager have given me their full support during my escapades as a voluntary Graffiti Buster.
Great Lakes Council support the Graffiti Buster Program through supply of the Truck, Chemicals and Equipment that I need. They also provided me with a mobile phone so that I can be reached by concerned persons directly to notify me of any graffiti throughout the Great Lakes area.
Great Lakes Graffiti Buster - Working with kids to help teach community pride

Youth Education

The young people of an area are the majority of "graffiti artists" - it is absolutely critical to develope positive plans and and constructive strategies specifically designed to work with, educate and encourage the youth of communities.