About Great Lakes Graffiti Buster:

Great Lakes Advocate-NSW Goverment calls community to take part in Graffiti Removal Day
Ted has dedicated the past 19 years to ridding the Great Lakes of graffiti. The Great Lakes project began after Ted, sick of seeing graffiti around town, grabbed some cleaning chemicals from home and started scrubbing. He was using a bike to get to sites until Great Lakes Council, recognising the value of his work, provided him with a vehicle, as well as cleaning products and a mobile phone. Ted works with a great deal of support and assistance from the Great Lakes Council.
Ted has spent many years developing a system of education and assistance programs designed to tackle the underlying problems of lack of guidance and education of an area's youth. To create awareness about the program, Ted visits local schools and speaks to the students, encouraging them to have pride in their town and asking them for their co-operation. Ted is proud to say that at most times his town is graffiti free and with ongoing co-operation and education, hopefully it will remain that way.
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Great Lakes Graffiti Buster tackles the problem in two ways:

Graffiti removal using proven methods that WORK
The first is his team of young volunteers who work with him. The volunteer team covers the entire 3500-square-kilometre local government area and aims to remove graffiti within 24 hours of it appearing.
The second is education and talking to young people by way of The Graffiti Buster Education Program.

Co-operation with the Community is the first step in creating a Graffiti Free town. When implemented correctly, in conjunction with great awareness and education programs, savings in relation to graffiti removal is enormous, when compared to other towns. Speaking to students at school assemblies and to residents of a community at meetings gets the word out to the people and encourages co-operation together with education of the students and public alike.
Public awareness of the Graffiti buster service is imperative for the program to be successful. This is done through education and awareness initiatives throughout all aspects of the community: residential, commercial, tourism and government.
Community involvement reduces graffiti - Call us today

If you would like a visit to your school or youth organisation please call and arrange a visit.