Great Lakes Graffiti Buster:
Graffiti Prevention & Removal

Graffiti is any illegal writing, drawing or etching placed on property or structure/s (public or private), without the consent of the property owner. Graffiti can be viewed as art or vandalism. In most cases it is viewed as vandalism.
Taking prompt, proactive steps to report and remove graffiti is the best way to prevent it from occurring in your community.

Our Graffiti Buster Service

We provide removal from many different types of surfaces. Great Lakes Graffiti Buster offers pressure washing of building, sidewalks and any type of surface you need cleaned of graffiti, along with protective coating against future graffiti on suitable surfaces. We offer maintenance programs to make sure your property stays clean and graffiti free.
Remember the best graffiti deterrent is immediate graffiti removal.

The Graffiti Buster Programs

Ted Bickford has spent many years developing a system of education and assistance programs designed to tackle the underlying problems of lack of guidance and education of an area's youth. Great Lakes Graffiti Buster works with local councils, schools, youth organisations and community groups to tailor-make action plans that actually work